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Wills 201 – Abatement

Abatement There can sometimes be a discrepancy between what a person has or thinks they will have when they create a will, and how much they do have when they die. Medical, long-term care, and other expenses can whittle down what once seemed like a sizable fortune.  Some estates are reduced to the point of being… Continue reading Wills 201 – Abatement

Tucson Tax Lien Foreclosure

Most homeowners pay their property taxes through their monthly mortgage payments. If this is the case, the mortgage lender pays the taxes on the property to the state as they become due. However, some homeowners are responsible for paying their property taxes directly, and if they fall behind on their tax obligations, a unique investment… Continue reading Tucson Tax Lien Foreclosure

The Arizona Homestead 

        I. Introduction When people get into financial trouble, one of the first things they think about is whether their home is safe from creditors. Creditors, on the other hand – who are often eager to find assets of the debtor to satisfy an unpaid judgment – often look to the biggest… Continue reading The Arizona Homestead 

Arizona Partition Actions

It is an unfortunate reality that our best-laid plans don’t always work out the way we imagined. This can be especially true when couples, friends, family members, or business partners decide to purchase real estate together. The co-owners or co-tenants may find themselves unable to agree about what to do with the property or whether… Continue reading Arizona Partition Actions

Arizona Landlord Tenant Laws

If you enter in to a residential landlord-tenant relationship, whether you are the tenant or landlord, it is important to be knowledgeable about the laws that govern the relationship. Here are just a few tips you can use to ensure that your rights are protected​ ​and ​​that you are prepared in the unfortunate event that… Continue reading Arizona Landlord Tenant Laws

Arizona Commerical Leases

Opening and running a business is not a simple undertaking. Included in the long list of tasks to oversee, procuring the space needed to operate which fulfills necessary size, zoning, and utility requirements can be daunting. Once the search is over and the right commercial space is found it is crucial the commercial lease is… Continue reading Arizona Commerical Leases

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