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Lancer Law, is a full-service law firm founded in May 2013. Our Tucson attorneys handle matters across a wide range of practice areas for clients of all sizes and levels of sophistication. Our firm is unique in that our clients receivte the personalized attention and cost savings of a small firm, without sacrificing the full-service benefits and excellence one might expect from a larger firm.

Our core belief is that client service matters. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients based on our commitment to excellence and our client-focused approach. We understand that when clients contact us needing assistance, their primary concern is having their issues resolved favorably and efficiently by experienced, dedicated attorneys, in a manner that provides for as little impact on their lives and businesses as possible.

At Lancer Law, we’re committed to providing innovative, client-focused legal services. “Excellence is our standard”. Call us today at (520) 352-0008, or e-mail us at [email protected]

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With over 50 years of combined legal and practical experience across numerous practice areas, the attorneys at Lancer Law can advocate on your behalf effectively and efficiently!

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I was referred to Mark Heckele after a terrible experience with a previous attorney (that I had to fire) during the very stressful time of my mother’s sudden passing. Mark was professional but personable and was a GREAT advocate in assisting me in navigating the process of being appointed as the Personal Representative for her estate. But, I was most appreciative of two main things: #1 Mark’s quick response whenever I called or emailed. Even if he was not in the office at the moment, he made sure to make contact with me as soon as possible later that day or the next. And #2 Mark’s honesty. Sadly. that’s something people don’t usually equate to attorney’s, but Mark really was/is the exception to the stereotype of lawyers. He always told me the truth about how things were going, what was in my best interest in how to handle certain, very unusual situations that came up during the process, etc. It took 5 long years to settle my mother’s estate & I honestly don’t think I would have made it through with my sanity if it hadn’t been for Mark’s guidance & support. I would HIGHLY recommend him for any legal matters!!

Karen Frontera

Mark helped me in a professional and timely manner! He communicated with me often and was always available to answer questions as needed.

Jaclyn Daya

I can’t say enough about the positive experience I had with Mark Heckele and his team regarding my deceased father’s estate. After several frustrating months of dealing with an attorney I had retained who continued to fumble through what should have been a simple estate closing I was fortunate enough to find Mark who was quick to right the ship and get things done. He was very responsive, attentive, and clearly explained what had gone awry and quickly did what needed to be done to get things buttoned up. It’s also worth noting I’m out of state which was no issue whatsoever. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Giordano & Heckele in any of their areas of practice and would confidently recommend their practice to anyone.

Steve Hawley

Mark Heckele and his team were wonderful! They listened to our concerns and guided us by explaining certain points in terms that we could understand in order for us to make decisions in regard to my husband’s Will and a Living Trust for me. Thank you!

James Arnold

In 2017, my husband and I built a new home. Unfortunately, we had problems with our title insurance company and also with one of our subcontractors. Mark Heckele’s experience with real estate law was extremely helpful resolving both issues quickly.

D Krieg

Mark Heckele is my absolute #1 choice for legal representation in Arizona. I buy and sell real estate all over the country and he has helped me with expert advice, counsel, and implementation on some complicated matters. He tells it like it is, good or bad, & is 100% honest with billing. If Mark practiced in all 50 states he’d be my only attorney. I highly recommend Mark & his firm.

joel sangerman

Very efficient and timely

Tom Mallette

This was such a stressful situation, as legal issues are, but Mark Heckele’s knowledge and quick attention to the matter put me at ease. I will be referring all of my family & friends.Thank you!!

Sara Glass

Smart, intelligent and always available.

Kevin Kramber

Great to work with, easy to get a hold of and questions answered quickly definitely recommend.

Marcy Whitton

Their attention to detail and strong work ethic resulted in a successful outcome! Great work team! I hope I don’t have to go through it again but if I did your the right team!

Charles Davis

Very helpful and great communication! Highly recommend!

Saul Jacobo

I had some real estate questions that needed some legal advice, and within just a couple days of first contact with Giordano & Heckele I received some expert consultation from them that likely saved me thousands of dollars. They were patient, inquisitive, and went beyond the call of duty. I would highly recommend them!

Matthew Robinson

Excellent experience. Professional firm.

Antoinette Salas

Very helpful and always available thank you so much for helping me get a settlement I am very happy with

Robert Solis

All I can say is Wow! The whole experience was positive! I am always bragging about how great this law firm is. That was BEFORE they won my case. I had the pleasure of working with Zac Spanier and Monali Amin. Mr. Spanier’s cross examination of witnesses is flawless. It was so reassuring having him in my corner. One of his great qualities is filtering through all of my input. He runs with the pieces that he knows will benefit the case and filters out those that don’t have substance in my case. He is very practical and realistic, not to mention, extremely passionate about what he does. Ms. Amin was a breath of fresh air! She patiently answered all questions I had. There was never a moment where she was unreachable. I could tell that she really cared. One thing that stuck out the most with her was when I had to cancel representation with them before my trial. For financial reasons, I could no longer afford representation. When I notified Ms. Amin she made the process very easy for me. She did not have to. She could have told me good luck, and sent me on my way. Instead, she tried to see what other options I would have. She then made sure I had all of my documents to move forward with my trial. She took it a step further. She told me what rules and laws to research and what to do to prepare for trial and upcoming deadlines. That is what makes the difference with a law firm worried about money and one who loves and is passionate about what they do. By a miracle, we were able to get the money to afford a lawyer again. At that point we had an option, try and find a cheaper lawyer or stay with this firm. I am just being honest. There was no way we could choose anyone else after all Ms. Amin did for us when we had to leave them. That is when we knew that this firm was honest, reliable, and would not treat as a “client” . They exceeded my expectations a hundred times over! I could go on and on but I think I have said enough.

tamara b

Having Mark Heckle and his team represent me was amazing. From the begining i felt comfortable and he truly went above and beyond even while at home sick.. Not once did i feel like i was getting taken advantage of and was very honest and professional. He assistants were on the ball and are very efficiant. They really are a Godsend.. HIGHLY reccomended

Jessica Figueroa

Mr. Spanier knows what he’s doing. If you ever find yourself in a bind like i did, you need to go see him. I have never been in trouble so when this driving incident happend i figured i could handle it myself. After i pled not guilty, i then realized i bit off more than i could chew per say. I have a security clearance and was afraid i would lose it over this incident. I looked around and happend to come across Mr. Spanier, i could not be more grateful for what he has done for me. He stayed in constant contact with me throughout the process. I was incredibly nervous and he made me feel at ease. If i ever need any kind of legal help, i will go to Mr. Spanier. He has earned a customer/client for life. I recommend him 100%, if you need help of any kind go to him and his law firm, hes truly the best and wont let you down. He will fight for you and he’ll go above and beyond for his clients. He’s truly the best. Thank you Mr. Spanier.


I highly recommend Zac for any potential legal needs. He is always quick to reply, very insightful and honest. If you’re in need of a divorce attorney there isn’t anyone better you could have on your side!

Jacquelyn Lamoureux

I wanted to share my experience I had with hiring Mr. Zachary Spanier and the staff at Giordano, Spanier & Heckele, PLLC for my personal legal needs.

I had an extremely positive experience with Mr. Zachary Spanier and the staff at Giordano, Spanier & Heckele, PLLC. Mr. Zachary Spanier was professional, personal and knowledgeable.

There are so many minor details, loopholes and barriers within our legal system that can either work for us or against us. Anytime you are dealing with a personal legal situation, even one where you have the right data on your side… it is very nerve racking and stressful.

Mr. Zachary Spanier was upfront with me from our very first meeting and throughout the entire process with the various options and scenarios I faced regarding my case. This allowed me the opportunity to make the best decisions possible for my situation to obtain a successful outcome.

Mr. Zachary Spanier and his office always communicated with me on time, every time! This allowed for all parties to be prepared during the data gathering process and the actual hearing itself.

When it was time for the actual hearing… I felt 100% confident in Mr. Zachary Spanier ability to do his job and provide me with the best opportunity to achieve a positive outcome in my favor.

With that said… the judge ruled in my favor! I highly recommend you consult with Mr. Zachary Spanier to see if he might be right for your legal needs as he was for mine.

Thank You Again Mr. Zachary Spanier and the staff at Giordano, Spanier & Heckele, PLLC.

G Powers

I recently engaged the services of Giordano Spanier & Heckle Law Firm to deal with a traffic matter. The circumstances of my case meant that I was looking at potentially hefty fines and serious legal consequences unless I could do something. I worked directly with Mr Spanier, a partner at GSH, and he was able to steer my case to a very successful conclusion. Had I not been able to find a company as professional and knowledgeable as GSH, I have no doubt that this matter would have ended badly for me. If you have a legal matter that you need help with, I cannot recommend the services of GSH highly enough. You cannot go wrong with this firm, they are the best!!

Ian Boulton

I chose Giordano Spanier & Heckele for a case related to real estate, and I must say I found them to be extremely efficient. This was not my first time dealing with a legal issue, I have had legal troubles in the past but this was the first time that I had to deal with a problem related to real-estate, hence I was on a look out for a new law firm since my previous lawyer did not deal with such cases.

A friend of mine suggested Giordano Spanier & Heckele and I cannot be thankful enough to her. This turned out to be a great decision since the beginning. The firm made me a part of the legal process and communicated all the updates in a timely manner. They also made sure to call me before and after every hearing so I was kept in the loop.

The attorney I was assigned (Robert) was extremely professional and took care of all my needs. I must also compliment the rest of the staff that was as efficient. They understood my requirements and carefully explained all possible outcomes to me. Since this was my first time dealing with a legal issue related to real-estate, I had tonnes of questions and obvious nervousness. However, Robert made me feel very comfortable by speaking to me in detail about my case.

I would refer Giordano Spanier & Heckele to anyone who is looking for legal services, and would not think twice before utilizing your services in the future should the need arise. A total five star experience this was that too for a very affordable price.

Herbert Jones

Excellent experience working with this firm. They were prompt and professional while handling my case and make sure I was prepared.
Thank You Much, Deborah

Colin Gaw

Zac Spanier worked with us on a difficult and stressful family court case, his confidence, skill and very competent team were key to winning the best outcome to the case, cutting through the fog of confusion and keeping the court focused on the facts. I highly recommend this firm for your legal needs! Thank you, again!

Kirc Breden

Zach was amazing. He didn’t stop until he had all the proof that I was innocent. He saved my job. I had dv case hovering over me for months. I was the victim. He searched and brought all the evidence in and brought me to justice thank you Zach and your firm has been nothing but pleasant. They are amazing.

Courtney Walton

Zac Spanier recently represented our son in a criminal traffic violation. He was able to work with the prosecuting attorney and get the charges DISMISSED as long as our son took a Defensive Driving class. This was the very best possible result we could hope for. We were very grateful for his service and it only took a couple of phone calls – we didn’t even have to appear in court. I would highly recommend Mr. Spanier.

Alex Wied

I would highly recommend the attorneys at this law office for anyone and any of their needs. We have personal experience with both Mr. Spainer and Ms. Audette, they helped us on a current custody matter for my husband. They always maintained professionalism, and were prompt in emailing or calling us with any answers we had during our case. Mr. Spainer would go above and beyond his calling as attorney to make sure we understood the legal terms used, and were able to grasp exactly what was happening during the case. He is very down to earth and understands parents and the bond they have with children. He truly wants what is best for the child.
They will be who we use from now on for any legal matter, be it family law or civil law. Harlow Spanier and Heckele has my business and the business of my family.

Chelsea McKenzie

I recently hired Zachary Spanier to represent me in a civil traffic defense. He is an easy guy to communicate with and is very down to earth. The pre-court preparations were efficient and thorough, which helped ease my nerves. I was impressed with his knowledge of the law as he pushed for dismissal on a technicality right after the officer’s testimony. He broke down every aspect of the case to the judge with thorough questioning and it resulted in dismissed charges. I was very happy with this, though I would’ve written a positive review regardless of the judge’s decision. I felt I was in good hands with Mr. Spanier and will return should the need arise.

Eddie C

Zachary Spanier is the ultimate balance of professionalism and compassion!
He represented my son as a freshman in college for a charge of MIP of alcohol, and due to his knowledge of the law and his willingness to go the extra mile, the charges were dismissed. I would recommend him to anyone that requires representation.

Jodie Sherman-Drizos

Zachary Spanier represented me in defense of a DUI arrest. I must say, that he is a extremely thorough and professional attorney. After concluding that the charges were without merit and defendable, Zacharyprepared for a trial and due to his expertise, planning and successful implentattion of his plan, I was acquitted.

I would HIGHLY recommend him, without ANY reservation, if you need support that is within his speciality areas.

Robert Reeves

I highly recommend Zach Spanier at Harlow Spanier & Heckele to all my friends.

Robert Hernandez

Although I’ve only worked with Mark for just over 6 months, he’s been able to clean up my property transactions and handle a litigation matter in a creative, aggressive matter. He is an excellent litigation strategist and transactional attorney. I would recommend him to anyone need assistance with real estate law matters.

Andre Welkinson
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