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A trademark can be thought of as a brand name (e.g. Coca-Cola). Brand names are important for businesses (and their customers) because brand names help distinguish one business from another and allow us to identify the source of a good or service. A business’s reputation stands behind a trademark.

Say, for example, Business X has built a solid reputation in the Arizona community for selling top-notch products and providing outstanding customer service to its customers. Its customers – and potential customers from the public at large – therefore want to do business with Business X based on the reputation it has built for itself. Business X would be unwise to knowingly or unknowingly allow Competitor to use its trademark to fool consumers into thinking Competitor’s product where those of Business X.

Registering a trademark is not mandatory but, as the example above illustrates, it is highly recommended. The place of registration for a trademark depends on the geographical scope of a business’s operations. If the trademark is being used only within the state, registration should be done at the state level. National registration for large-scale businesses should be done through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

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