Oro Valley

Oro Valley, a town to the north and west of Tucson, has grown substantially over the last several years. Further expansion has resulted in a boom in new housing and business development, driving more people into the city. With more people, come more criminal issues. The authorities in Oro Valley have taken a strict stance on the traffic concerns, DUIs, and Domestic Violence matters that come with population increases. The best person to help you work with the system is an experienced Oro Valley criminal defense attorney.

Oro Valley Criminal Defense Attorney

Our former prosecutor has been representing clients in Oro Valley for many years, and has the experience necessary to work with you toward achieving the most positive outcome for your criminal matter. We are familiar with the laws and regulations that apply in Oro Valley, and we are here to help.

Some of our most common practice areas include:

Drug Possession

As a border state, Arizona has focused its policing efforts on the different issues involved in drug crimes, addiction and treatment. Criminally speaking, drug possession laws and their punishments are severe. If convicted of a drug-related offense, a defendant can face jail time, fines and other repercussions, not to mention the effect a prior conviction can have on future career opportunities, financial aid for education and housing opportunities. Because the outcome of this type of case can affect you for years after the crime is committed, it is recommended that you contact an Oro Valley criminal defense attorney as soon as charges are filed against you.

Minor in Possession of Alcohol

Persons under the age of 21 are not allowed to possess, purchase or consume alcohol in Arizona. That means that any minor found to have alcohol on their person or to have consumed alcohol, even if it was provided to them by an adult who is of legal drinking age, is considered to have committed a criminal offense.

If you or your child/dependent are facing Minor in Possession charges, we recommend you call an experienced Oro Valley criminal defense attorney immediately.

Minor DUI (Baby DUI)

The State of Arizona takes DUIs very seriously, especially if the driver is underage. Any underage driver is not allowed to have any amount of alcohol in their system. The punishments are severe, and can include attending counseling, suspension of one’s driver’s license for two (2) years, fines and more. Our experienced Oro Valley criminal defense attorney can help.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges can be filed when police respond to violent disputes within the home, whether between spouses/partners, siblings, or parents and children. They often occur concurrently with Injunctions Against Harassment and/or Orders of Protection. If you have been charged with domestic violence, we recommend contacting a lawyer right away who can help prepare your defense. Our defense attorneys handle all aspects of these cases, from criminal domestic violence charges to orders of protection and injunctions against harassment.

Order of Protection (“Restraining Order”)

Once an Order of Protection is granted by the court and served upon the respondent, they will have an opportunity to request one (1) contested hearing to contest the order. If you need help upholding an order of protection taken out against another party, or if you want to contest one taken out against you, our Oro Valley criminal defense attorney can coordinate a defense to protect your rights.

DUI Attorney in Oro Valley

The penalties for drivers with multiple DUIs are extremely harsh in Arizona, and even first-time convictions will result in high fines, license suspension, jail time, counseling classes, attendance at a MADD Victim Impact Panel class and the installation of an ignition interlock on their vehicle for a period of twelve (12) months. Financially, DUI convictions also affect rates for car insurance, resulting in the necessity of obtaining SR-22 insurance.

Having a skilled attorney to advocate for your rights, gather disclosure from the State, and help develop a strong defense for your case is highly recommended. The former prosecutor at Giordano & Heckele, PLLC understands the criminal justice system, and is ready to help today. To set up a consultation, email [email protected] or call (520) 352-0008.