Many different criminal offenses are common in Marana, but recently the city has been focusing on the increasing drug use problem. Incidentally, every arrest made is not necessarily a conviction. In many instances, a Marana criminal defense attorney can help get someone back on the right track in the face of drug, or other criminal, charges.

Marana Criminal Defense Attorney

Being accused of a criminal offense can impact your current job, future work or housing prospects, and personal life. As a response, we recommend hiring an experienced Marana criminal defense attorney to work within the system and help you enforce your rights.

Our former prosecutor handles a variety of misdemeanor cases, including:

Drug Possession

In Arizona, possessing illicit drugs is a serious offense, for which you could face jail time, fines, and probation. These consequences range depending on your criminal record, the type of drug, the amount of the drug in your possession, and other factors.

Minor in Possession of Alcohol

Underaged people are frequently caught with liquor, which is illegal in all of Arizona. There are strict laws against the purchase, use and possession of alcohol for anyone under the age of 18. Whether receiving illegal service at a bar, restaurant, or store, or consuming alcohol provided by someone over the age of 18, the consequences can include community service, fines and alcohol education classes, and are not to be taken lightly.

Minor DUI (Baby DUI)

Given that it is a crime for a minor simply to possess alcohol, it is unsurprising that DUIs committed by minors are treated severely. The punishment for this crime may lead to suspension of a driving permit or license, in addition to fines, probation and other requirements. An experienced Marana criminal defense attorney can help an intimidated minor navigate the complex legal system

Domestic Violence

Abusive behavior at home, with family members or a spouse, is punishable by law. Such situations can restrict where you can go, including your own home, and take a toll on your work and personal life. If you are charged with Domestic Violence, which may be accompanied by an Order of Protection or Injunction Against Harassment, it is recommended that you contact a Marana criminal defense attorney immediately.

Order of Protection (“Restraining Order”)

Obtaining an Order of Protection, commonly known as a Restraining Order, is a good way to make sure that you or your family members are protected from threats, harassment or violence. If you obtain an Order and need to defend it from being dismissed, our Marana criminal defense attorneys can help.

Adversely, if you have been served with an Order of Protection that you believe is based on false claims or is unjust, we can help you prepare a defense and request a Contested Hearing. Having an Order of Protection, which lasts for a year from the date it was served, can complicate any situation in which you need a background check, including for employment and international travel. We recommend hiring an experienced lawyer to help you fight for your rights.

Reckless Driving

Reckless Driving charges, which can result from excessive speeds, unsafe lane changes or swerving, and other dangerous maneuvering, can have serious consequences. Depending on the circumstances, penalties can include fines, probation, possible jail time, and affect your driving record and insurance rates.

At Giordano & Heckele we deal with a wide range of criminal cases, and are proud to serve the residents in the city of Marana. Our attorneys will use their knowledge of both sides of the law as a former prosecutor to help you work toward the best possible outcome for your case.

Marana DUI Attorney

DUI are common in Marana, and the consequences are severe, even for first-time offenders. Punishments can include license suspension or cancellation, jail time, expensive fines, and probation, depending on the severity of the offense and number of DUIs on your record, among other factors.

The Marana criminal defense attorneys at Giordano & Heckele know that each client’s case is different. Having a former prosecutor on our team, plus the experience of criminal defense attorneys, provides the knowledge to plan an individual approach for each matter. To arrange a consultation with an attorney, call us at (520) 352-0008 or email [email protected].