Family law matters have the tendency to be highly emotionally charged. And so when disputed issues arise between parties in a domestic relations matter the initial impulse is often to rush into court or go directly to hearing or trial, particularly with regard to issues involving minor children and finances. This can not only prove costly to both sides from a financial standpoint, but more importantly, from an emotional one. Divorce mediation can be a good alternative.

In divorce mediation, the parties open a dialogue and attempt to resolve their disputes by themselves, rather than have a judge decide issues for them. In this way, the parties retain the power to decide important financial and personal issues. And so in mediation, because the parties are deciding issues for themselves, no one loses. This can preserve the relationship between the parties, which is important because in many domestic relations arrangements the parties will be required to have some sort of ongoing relationship with one another. Parties who can cooperatively communicate seem to do better in this regard.

Mediation has many advantages over litigation. Mediation can save time and money because the parties will not be involved in drawn out litigation. Mediation also can reduce the stress of the situation because the parties are working cooperatively as opposed to taking an adversarial litigation stance with one another.

A variety of parties can benefit from mediation, including parties who are getting divorced, unmarried parties who have custody issues, parties who wish to modify a decree or other existing orders, or grandparents and other third-parties.

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