Bisbee is a city in Cochise County, Arizona with a population of around 5,575 residents. While it is a small city, you will find almost all the facilities here from rich music to great food and culture. However, not unlike other smaller cities in Arizona, crime is also common in Bisbee. If you are involved in any kind of criminal offense in Bisbee, contact our office today.

Criminal Attorney in Bisbee

Considering the environment, anything can go wrong in Bisbee. Drug use, violence and driving under the influence are common criminal activities here. If you have been accused of such criminal conduct in any such case, don’t delay in getting in touch with us.

Giordano & Heckele, PLLC boasts a wide range of experience in assisting with criminal matters:

Drug Possession

Drug possession is highly prohibited in Arizona and is considered a class 1 misdemeanor. If the drug type is dangerous, then you can also be charged with a class 4 felony, which comes with even harsher punishment, including probation and 2 years in jail.

Minor in Possession of Alcohol

Buying, consuming and even possessing alcohol is prohibited in the entire state of Arizona if you are under the age of twenty-one (21). Individuals under the age of 21 who violate this law can be charged with high fines, possible jail time, counseling, several months of community service, and even a probationary period.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a serious offense in Arizona and can lead to severe punishments. Criminal Domestic Violence matters often become entwined with Order of Protection matters, and there is a common misconception that the two are somehow the same. In reality, orders of protection are actually considered civil matters, and there are many other differences besides. Hiring a competent Bisbee criminal defense attorney who can assist in preparing a specific defense on your behalf for Domestic Violence is critical to achieving the best possible outcome in your matter.

Orders of Protection (“Restraining Orders”) and Injunctions Against Harassment

If you have obtained an Order of Protection (“Restraining Order”) or an Injunction Against Harassment, and are seeking legal representation to assist you in having it upheld following a request for hearing by the Defendant, Bisbee criminal defense attorneys in our office can help. Likewise, if you have had an Order of Protection or an Injunction Against Harassment entered against you, and you are seeking legal representation to assist you in having the Order or Injunction dismissed or modified, Giordano & Heckele has attorneys with legal experience handling such cases in either scenario.

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is often taken lightly by drivers, which is a mistake because it can earn drivers 20 days in jail along with a heavy fine. Another crucial punishment that accompanies this felony is driver’s license. If you are charged with reckless driving, the Bisbee criminal defense attorneys in our office can prepare your case and work to get your sentence reduced.

DUI Attorney in Bisbee

DUI charges are common in Bisbee, and can result in serious trouble. If convicted, you could face jail time, be asked to pay fines over $1,000, lose your driving benefits and even be ordered to do community service. All of this could hurt your future immensely. If you live in Bisbee and have been charged with a DUI or other criminal offenses, then do not hesitate to call us at (520) 352-0008 or email [email protected]">[email protected] and hire a professional Bisbee criminal defense attorney.